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Fear is your entertainment. The Dark Lady Podcast is a horror fiction anthology series that takes radio theater to new extremes.

WARNING – This podcast is intended for a mature audience. Some episodes may contain strong language and depictions of violence, blood, and gore. Listen at your own risk.

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Season 1 Episode 6: Half Town
The werewolf was on all fours, snarling and snapping its teeth. I knew that it wouldn’t be long until he tackled me to the ground and ripped me apart.
Rudy Wilson goes running late one night when the moon is full, and is attacked by a werewolf. 

The Grudge (2004) Review

It never forgives. It never forgets. Takashi Shimizu’s 2004 film, The Grudge, is about a young American nurse named Karen Davis, (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) living in modern day Tokyo, Japan. She is tasked with caring for an elderly woman who lives in a mysterious house. Karen then encounters a vengeful spirit that curses all who enters the house. [. . .]

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