Love Doll

Season 1 Episode 8: Love Doll
“Droids and robots always made me feel uneasy. For some reason, I had a hard time looking them in the eye.”
Genie Silverstein, a housewife from the year 3021, discovers her husband’s dark secret. The object of his affection is not a woman, but a machine.

Voice Actors
Rhiannon Boulger as “Servo Bot #4.”
Jordan Walters as “Commercial Voice.”
Danny Schneible as “Dave Silverstein.”
Karen Cooper as “Jane.”

SFX Attribution
“Radio_Cairo_Loop.wav” by, AlienXXX
“ELECTRONlC DOORBELL.wav” by, ShanayGroen
“cursor beep digital » BEEP 3.wav” by, anthonychartier2020
“CP Variety Pack » CP_Power_Down01.aif” by, stewdio2003

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