Project Type: Season 2

Dinner With A Werewolf

Season 2 Episode 3: Dinner With A WerewolfThat’s what I get for chasing after bad boys.The Dark Lady goes on a dinner date with a ditzy young man named Kurt. Things go horribly wrong when Kurt unintentionally transforms into a werewolf. Voice ActorsJacob Martin… Continue Reading “Dinner With A Werewolf”

A Final Girl’s Guide to Survival

Season 2 Episode 2: A Final Girl’s Guide to SurvivalIt doesn’t matter if the bad guy is a vampire, or a ghost, or an alien. Whatever shape or form the antagonist may be, it’s up to the final girl to stop it. Do you have… Continue Reading “A Final Girl’s Guide to Survival”

Return of The Dark Lady

Season 2 Episode 1: Return of The Dark LadyShe’s baaaaaaaaack!The Dark Lady returns from a long vacation and recounts her harrowing adventures with mummies, ghouls, and a tentacle monster.  SFX Attribution“Bats Fluttering 2.wav” by, JamesFarrell_97